Africell post paid plan offers you convenience and comfort. There is no need to recharge your phone (units); you simply pay for your calls on a monthly basis.

The postpaid line is billed at the end of each month.

A minimum deposit of Le 200,000 is requested to open each postpaid line. This deposit represents the credit limit of the postpaid line. At any time, the Client can increase the deposit in order to increase his/her credit limit.

The postpaid service offers roaming for an additional refundable deposit of Le1, 500,000.

1. Register to become an Africell user (300 pts)
2. Invite a friend to Africell (150 pts)
3. Log in (10 pts)

The points you get will be recorded on your Africell account. Collecting these points gives you the chance to get free SMS and fabulous prize every month! Interesting, isn’t it?

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