Fun Ring

SMS 2 Email:
The easiest way to send an email from you Africell line. Just send email address followed by # and then email content to 181.

Collect Call:
This service provides an option for the person you’re calling to pay for the call you make. Call 182 and follow the user friendly instructions.

This service gives you an opportunity to receive your horoscope message for the day via SMS. Text your Star Sign (for eg: Virgo, Leo, Taurus etc) to 888.

Bible Quotes:
Enables you to receive biblical quotes from the Bible everyday on your phone.  To subscribe, text “Sub” to 7220.

Surahs of the Quran:
This service give you an opportunity to listen to 114 surahs of the Holy Quran on your phone. Call 7100.

Star Sign:
Enables you to know your relationship status with friends and loved ones. Text your Star Sign + the other person’s Star Sign to 1414.

Love Meter:
Enables you to check the percentage strength of your relationship with friends and loved ones. Send an SMS containing your name + the other person’s name to 555 (For eg: John + Mary)

Name Analyzer:
Enables you to send your name or any other name to 999 and then receive adjectives that  describe every initial of the name you send (for eg: Alpha –Attractive, Lucky, Persuasive, Heroic, Artistic)

1. Register to become an Africell user (300 pts)
2. Invite a friend to Africell (150 pts)
3. Log in (10 pts)

The points you get will be recorded on your Africell account. Collecting these points gives you the chance to get free SMS and fabulous prize every month! Interesting, isn’t it?

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