Africell Services

International rates

Make calls to USA, UK, Canada, China, Nigeria and India for 1000 Leones per minute only

SMS- Africell to international (all destinations): Le 360

National rates

Airtime charges, Africell to Africell- From 4:00 am to 1:00 am: Le 650

Airtime charges, Africell to Africell- From 1:00 am to 4:00 am: Free

Airtime charges, Africell to Others – All Day Le 697

SMS- Africell to Africell: Le 90

SMS- Africell to other network: Le 135

E-Voucher Transfer

*123*< Target Number >*< top-up amount units >*< top-up amount decimal >*< PIN ># E.g. *123*077928927*24*39*1234#

Dealer to Subscriber:
*123*< Target Number >*< Recharge Amount >*< PIN >#

Dealer to Sub-dealer:
*124*< Target Number >*< Recharge Amount >*< PIN >#

To Change Password:
*127*< Old PIN >*< New PIN >#

To Check your account balance:

Emergency Services

Enables you to make emergency calls from your mobile:
  • Police: 112
  • Fire Force: 112\300
  • Ambulance: 099
  • Ebola Responds: 117
  • Medical Responds: 711

Voice Mail


You do not have to miss calls when your phone is off, busy or can not answer calls at that time. Simply divert your calls to 121.

When you are available, dial 123 and follow the voice instructions to listen to the messages of callers, record your personal greeting or change your password

how it works