Africell post paid plan offers you convenience and comfort. There is no need to recharge your phone (units); you simply pay for your calls on a monthly basis.

The postpaid line is billed at the end of each month.

A minimum deposit of Le 200,000 is requested to open each postpaid line. This deposit represents the credit limit of the postpaid line. At any time, the Client can increase the deposit in order to increase his/her credit limit.

The postpaid service offers roaming for an additional refundable deposit of Le1, 500,000.

Africell’s prepaid line is a rechargeable SIM card that provides you quick, easy and practical access to the leading Africell mobile communication network. With Africell Pre-Paid line there are no monthly fees, no bills; you will be able to access all our services and you can instantly recharge your mobile at anytime and anywhere by buying one of Africell’s recharge cards available in the market. In addition with Africell you will enjoy the lowest tariff in town.

Standard Services:
1- CLIP: It enables you to identify the number of the party calling you.
2- Call Waiting: It enables you to be notified of an incoming call when you are busy on another one
3- WohMa , Call me: No need to worry much when you out of credit and want to make an urgent call, Africell has brought you this service call Wohma. Type the Number of the person you want to call you and send it to 7140.
4- Prepaid Roaming: use your Africell line all over the world just call 111 to activate it for free.
5- Call Divert: You can divert all your calls to any other number when your number is busy
or switched off.
6- Credit Transfer: Call 141 to transfer Credit to your loved ones
Call 111 for more info and more services

Africell Blackberry Service


Dial *660# and follow the steps

Blackberry Daily – Le 4,100

Blackberry Weekly - Le 16,400

Blackberry Monthly – Le 51,250


Dial *660# and follow the steps

Blackberry Daily – Le 4,500

Blackberry Weekly - Le 32,000

Blackberry Monthly – Le 100,000

*Recharge By USSD or IVR
  • This service enables our subscribers to use the Africell Fastest High Speed Internet Service to browse the internet, upload and download data files.
  • Dial 113, *113# and follow the instructions, or Send the desired Bundle by SMS to 113
High Speed Internet Bundles:

Bundle - SLL - Validity

5MB - 400 - 1Day

17MB - 1,350 - 1Day

25MB - 2,000 - 3Days

66MB - 4,250 - 3Days

90MB - 8,250 - 10Days

300MB - 23,000 - 30Days

1.2GB - 45,000 - 30Days

4GB - 120,000 - 30Days

6GB - 200,000 - 60Days

12GB - 400,000 - 90Days

Router Bundles:

Dial *114# and follow the steps:

4GB – Le 120,000

6GB - Le 200,000

12GB – Le 400,000