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Africell Sierra Leone started operations in 2005 and has grown to become the first operator with 76% market share.
Africell launched its operations in Sierra Leone in 2005, today the Company’s network covers more than 76% of the market share. Market leader since 2009, Africell Sierra Leone serves more than 4 million active subscribers and a growing footprint of 3G and 4G services. In a fast moving and progressively connected world, it goes beyond than just being able to talk and text. Our network allows people to instantly share captured images and videos; to share life as soon as it is experimented. Data is Africell’s growth pillar. With 20% of customer recharges being for data products, and that is a growing trend. The Company’s accomplishments are a trend setter in Sierra Leone, Africell received the “All Works of Life” award and just before it the “Telecom Company of the Year” award.

Above being said, Africell became great value in people’s means of communication. The Company serves as an innovative partner to businesses giving them solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change. And it serves as an inspiration for the growing youth.

Africell embraces change and innovation, we create it when absent. The Company’s main objective is to enable people to do more and be more, starting by our own big family of employees and spreading it to reach all our stakeholders. We believe we are Na Wi Network !
With africell enjoy more DATA for the same bundle price, browse more at lower rates.