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eSIM is the latest technology in SIM cards where the SIM is embedded in the mobile device. eSIM allows you to activate a mobile number without having to use a physical SIM.

With such an embedded standard, the idea is that you can switch to a new operator without having to insert a specific SIM card. It’s all done through software.

Another advantage will be when travelling as it will be much easier to switch to a local network if you’re going to be spending any great amount of time abroad

How much it costs
E-SIM Swap is for NLe 300. It comes with 8.5GB valid for 30 days.
New e-SIM is for NLe 500. It comes with 18GB valid for 30 days (only Platinum numbers).
How it works

Visit one of our Africell Stores, along with your identification document (ID or passport) and purchase your QR code to scan it using your supporting eSIM mobile device.
To activate your eSIM on an eSIM capable iPhone, follow the below steps:

In the “Swap” section; you should provide 3 numbers for number verification; if the process is completed successfully, you will receive an SMS including a code that you should provide to the C.C. agent in order to pass to the next step. Upon paying an amount equivalent to NLe 300 and after inserting the receipt number in the platform, sub gets 8.5GB worth of data and the e-SIM should become active. Noting that the old SIM Card should automatically and instantly stop.
In the “New” section, the portal will show a list of 5 MSISDNs; you should pick one number out of these 5. Upon payment of NLe 500 and after inserting the receipt number in the platform, the e-SIM should become allocated on your handset and 18GB worth of data should be added to your balance.
Important notes
An active data bundle (or Wifi) is mandatory during the installation.
With eSIM, you can now use up to two lines at once on your phone with one SIM card and another eSIM.
You can also store multiple eSIMs on your device at the same time and switch between the eSIMs right from your devices settings to choose only one eSIM to be active at a time.
eSIM is compatible with the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. You also need to ensure that you are using the latest software version that enables eSIM.
The QR-code provided should not be shared with anyone and should be kept in a safe place as you might need to re-download your profile whether on the same device or on another device.

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