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Send money to people on other networks and even those without phones!

A unique code is generated automatically on sending money. The recipient uses the code to withdraw the money and they don’t need to have a phone.

With Afrimoney you can send or receive money as much as 15 Million Leones at the most competitive transaction rates.

Send and receive money securely 24/7 all through the year. Our superior network ensures that no matter where you are or what time it is you continue transacting seamlessly.

If you have sent money to a person you have never transacted with, he/she will not be able to confirm the transfer as he doesn’t know your phone number. After sending money, you have to call the person to inform them and tell them your number if they don’t know it. They will receive an SMS requesting them to dial *161# and accept the transfer by entering the sender’s number. Therefore, if you have sent money to the wrong person, they will not know your number. All the amount transferred and the charges will be sent back to you automatically after 15 days if the transfer is not confirmed

Afrimoney is Africell’s mobile money solution.

Afrimoney is a secure way to transfer, store and manage money in an account linked to your Africell sim card, similar to a digital bank account.

With an Afrimoney account you can:

  • Transfer money (Domestically or internationally)
  • Pay bills and fees (EDSA, DSTV, WAEC among others)
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Buy Africell services (Airtime, Data, special Afrimoney bundles)
  • Receive international remittances
  • Receive your salary
how to register

1) To register and start transacting with Afrimoney, you need a valid identity card or passport in addition to your active Africell SIM card.


2) Dial *161# from your mobile phone then follow the instructions or find the nearest Afrimoney shop, authorised Afrimoney agent, Afrimoney kiosk or one of our brand ambassadors and bring a valid identity card to complete your registration.

Dial *161#

3) Once the above is done, you will receive a short message to confirm the registration of your Afrimoney account, as well as your default PIN code (“0000”) which you must change in order to activate your account.
Once activated, you can start using our wide range of services. All accessible from the *161# menu!

If you have any questions or need help registering, you can always reach our customer care on by calling 161, for FREE, from any Africell line.

1.Financial inclusion: Mobile money is a sure way of achieving financial inclusion, as it gives opportunity to the unbanked and the under-served to be reached at a relatively low cost.
2.Secure: A personal Afrimoney PIN code is required for each transaction.
3.Convenient: Money transfer, airtime top-up, bill payment, salary disbursement, etc… Anytime and anywhere!
4.Accessible: Accessible to low-income earners with minimal requirements for registration and transacting, or need for a smartphone .
5.Bank interoperability: It gives the customer the convenience of being able to transfer to and from the accounts some of Sierra Leone’s biggest banks
6.Cashless: Afrimoney makes it easier for people to transact without the using physical cash. Access to merchant services or online payments as well.
Transaction Amount Service Charge
From To Fixed Amount
1.00 100 Free
100.01 500 Free
500.01 3,000 Free
3,000.01 15,000 Free
Cash Out
Transaction Amount Service Charge
From To Fixed Amount GST Total Fees
1 14.99 0.45 0.07 0.52
15 29.99 0.79 0.12 0.91
30 59.99 1.50 0.23 1.73
60 99.99 3.05 0.46 3.51
150 299.99 6.10 0.92 7.02
300 599.99 11.00 1.65 12.65
600 999.99 14.00 2.10 16.10
1,000 1,999.99 20.00 3.00 23.00
2,000 2,999.99 35.00 5.25 40.25
3,000 3,999.99 50.00 7.50 57.50
4,000 6,999.99 85.00 12.75 97.75
7,000 15,000 150.00 22.50 172.50
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Afrimoney?
Afrimoney is an electronic mobile service that lets users store, send and receive money on their phones. It is a convenient alternative to bank accounts and can be used on basic phones as well as smartphones.
How do I register for Afrimoney?
If you are an Africell customer dial *161# to self-register. You will need to create a enter your account by submitting you first name, last name and ID/Passport number.
You can also visit the nearest Africell Customer care outlet with your ID to be registered on Afrimoney.
How do I access Afrimoney?
To access Afrimoney dial *161#.
What services can I use Afrimoney for?
There are several services available for Afrimoney customers;

  • Send and receive money in Sierra Leone.
  • Buy Africell Credit, voice and data bundles.
  • Pay for goods and services using Merchant Pay
  • Pay for EDSA, DSTV, WAEC and more
  • Deposit and withdraw from your bank account.
What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can use with my Afrimoney account?
Minimum amount to send: 1 NLe
Daily Transaction Limit: 15,000 NLe
Monthly Transaction Limit: 100,000 NLe
What are the rates for using Afrimoney?
The Afrimoney fees are automatically deducted from your account for chargeable transactions. Current rates are visibly displayed at all our agent and partners points and Afrimoney will from time to time publish updated transaction fees.
Can I send money from my Afrimoney account to people on other networks?
Yes, you can send money to people on any network in the Sierra Leone using the unregistered option under send money.
Can I use Afrimoney if I have no airtime?
Yes. You can use Afrimoney even if you have no credit on your phone. The fees are deducted from your Afrimoney account for chargeable transactions.
How safe is my Money on my Afrimoney Account?
Your money is safe since every transaction requires your PIN before completion. Remember to keep your PIN a secret and change it regularly or if you think someone else has seen it. ​​
Who are Afrimoney Agents?
Afrimoney Agents are branded partners that provide Afrimoney services. The range and type of agents are continuously being extended to maximize coverage and convenience to include Bureaus de change, Banks, Supermarkets, small merchants and even sole proprietorship. If you are interested in becoming an agent, please call the agent helpline by dialing 161 or visit the nearest Afrimoney Customer care for to get support.
How do I link my Bank account with my Afrimoney account?
To link your bank account with your Afrimoney account, visit your bank to fill in and authorize the account linkage form with our partner banks.
What do I do in case of a wrong Transfer?
The case with wrong Afrimoney transfer should be negligible as you will always have a chance to review the transaction details for confirmation before submission to the Afrimoney system. If, however, you send money to the wrong number, immediately call Afrimoney Customer 161. Once the case has been lodged in, Afrimoney will endeavour to reverse the funds back to the sender. This process takes 24 hrs.

  • Please keep in mind that Afrimoney will not be liable if the funds have already been withdrawn by the receiving party, or sent from one person to another subsequently.
  • We strongly advise you to re-confirm your transaction before clicking on the Send / OK key.
Can I track my last past activities on my Afrimoney account?
You can track all your Afrimoney account activities directly from your phone by dialing *161# Choose option 8 (My account) choose option 2 (Last 5 transactions). This mini statement will show the last 5 transactions on your account.
What if I lose my phone/SIM Card? Will I lose my Afrimoney?
Afrimoney services are safe even if you lose your phone. All your transactions are protected by the highest level of security and your PIN. You can replace your SIM card in any of our Africell outlet facilities. Your Afrimoney account will be immediately available to you following completion of the SIM card replacement process. As soon as you find out that your phone is lost or stolen immediately alert Customer Care on 161.
I did not get SMS Transaction Confirmation from Afrimoney System?
There might be a number of reasons for this:

  • Your SMS Inbox is full so delete some SMS’s to make space for new ones.
  • On some occasions there may be a delay in receiving your confirmation SMS from Afrimoney. If you do not receive SMS confirmation within 20 minutes, kindly call Customer Care on 161 who will advise on the status of your transaction on the Afrimoney system.
Where can I cash-in (deposit money into my phone) or Cash-out (withdraw money from my phone)?
Cash-in and cash-out can be done at any Afrimoney outlet, Afrimoney kiosks, Bureaus, Authorized Afrimoney agent outlets or any of our Partner banks nationwide.
I am below 18 years, can I register for Afrimoney?
If you are below 18 years, you can register an Afrimoney account, but only in the name of your parent or an authorized guardian. This is because you are considered a minor and as such cannot enter into contract with another party.
Visit your nearest Afrimoney point of sale, in Sierra Leone.
POS Address Location MAP

1 Pivot Street, Wilberforce

Bathurst St.

25 Bathurst Street, Freetown


Siaka Steven St. Freetown

St. John

St John Roundabout, Freetown

Wilkinson Road

101 Wilkinson Road, Freetown


49 Bai Bureh Road, Kissy, Shell, Freetown

Water loo

Main Motor Road, Waterloo

FBC University

Fourah Bay College University


Lumley, off Juba Bridge, Freetown

New England

Front of SLBC office, Freetown

Youyi Building

Bus Halt Brookfields, Freetown

Calaba Town

Calaba Town Last Station , Freetown

Lungi Airport

Lungi International Airport

Port Loko

9c Market Road


23, Rogbaneh Road, Makeni


11 Sheki Bockarie St, Kabala


2, Hospital Rd.


4 Kainkordu Road, Koidu Town, Kono


11 Hangha Road, Kenema


4 Bojohn Street

Mile 91

1 Bo Road, Mile 91


1, Makeni Park, Lunsar

Port Loko

Peninsular Highway

Port Loko

Kambia Road S/Leone Liberia Border by Law Court

Port Loko

Kambia / Guinea Highway, Pamalap Park.


Ferry Rd Bumbuna (By Mercury Office)


Main Motor Rd. Muriba Town Rutile


Airport / Ferry Road

Port Loko
Lungi 2

Airport Junction


Kobora Road


WPF Quarters, Kailahun

Mile 4

Main Freetown Highway Newton

Bottom Mango



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