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In a leading move, Africell Sierra Leone has proudly become the first company in Sierra Leone to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office. This significant step underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering gender equality, empowering women, and cultivating an inclusive work environment.

Africell Sierra Leone Leads the Way in Women’s Empowerment: Signing UN Women’s Principles
October 27, 2023

Africell Sierra Leone firmly believes in the transformative power of diversity and the immense strength it brings to both their team and the community they serve. Recognizing that a diverse and inclusive workforce not only enhances innovation and creativity but also drives economic growth, the company has made women’s empowerment a cornerstone of its corporate ethos.

This milestone is a reason to celebrate together as a community, acknowledging the remarkable strides being taken to champion the cause of women’s empowerment. It serves as a beacon of hope and progress, inspiring other businesses and organizations to follow suit in creating a world where women are equally empowered, engaged, and valued. Africell Sierra Leone’s pioneering step exemplifies the kind of leadership needed to create a more equitable and just society for all.

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